The 12" singles etc

Life On Earth / Spin 12"

Life on Earth

Produced by Orlando Kimber,
1982, 100 things to do, MR5

Live Bootleg tape (3 tracks)

Somebody Else
Afta Dark
Drop me a line


This House Built on Sand 12"

This House Built on Sand
He's Coming Down
Always out for love

Produced by Bernie Clarke,
iD001, Arcadia Records, 1984

Running For Cover 12"

Running For Cover (Extended mix)
Produced by Mike Howlett,
mixed by Tim Palmer,
Edited by Murray Harris).

Wayfaring Stranger
(Traditional, arranged by The Imps)
This Land of Woe
Produced by The Imps,
Recorded by Step.

RCA Arcadia CAROT 1 1986

I Had Love In My Hands 12"

I Had Love In My Hands 12" mix
(M Perry/S.Lee/D Burns)
Produced by Tim Palmer,
mixed by The Imps.

I Had Love In My Hands 7" version

When You Find Your Lover Gone
Produced by The Imps.

RCA Eurodic LOVET 1 1987

Say Goodbye to No One 12"

Say Goodbye to No One

Rainbow Warrior
The Twisted Shapes of all my mistakes

RCAX 500 1987?

PS There was another 12" single (ie. August Avenue), although I never owned it
but weren't the tracks the same as the 7" inch version??...I don't think so!

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