Ready in the Rhythm Section

Ready in the Rhythm Section

Side 1 by The Syndromes (Justin (gtr,vox), Andy Morgan (gtr), Step Parikian (bs), Fred Hood (drms)

Side 2 by The Impossible Dreamers billed as The Merciful Release All-Stars featuring The Impossible Dreamers (Nick (gtr,vox), Colin Betts (gtr,vox), Mark Williams (bs), Caroline and Lindsey (back vox), Simon Awcock (drms) + Justin, Fred)

Side 1:
Fading Memories
All dressed up
Thunder and lightning
Don't lock the door
Turn to dust
New Song
(Side 1 written/produced by The Syndromes+)

Side 2:
Cruise Missile (Nick/Colin)
Esther's not on the phone (Steve Sutcliffe)
Weird film (Nick)
Om ah hum (Colin)
Wedding bells (Justin)
Oh maracas (Rupert/Justin)
A Good game of cricket never hurt anybody (Nick/Impossibles)
Tomorrow is another day (Nick/Colin)
Duck's Fly (Nick)
H-Bomb (Colin)

A Merciful Release, MR2, 1981???

The rather confused album from the early days. The older sister of the Books EP. Odd.

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