Latest News 2018

Now performing as Three Corners:

New (third) album available called Another Big Idea:

For more details, see or drop them a line at

Also, who saw Justin Adams performing with Robert Plant at Glastonbury (2014)?!

Latest News - 2010

Great new album from Caroline & Nick as "3corners". It's called "Express"

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Latest News - 2008

Great news from Caroline & Nick:


It's a long time since we made some new music together (the last Impossible Dreamers release was in 1987), but we are thrilled to announce that the new CD by our band three corners is out now.

"stone age genes in the digital era" is a limited edition on our own label (a merciful release) and we thought you might like to hear what we've been up to, which you can do at our website and at

There are songs and samples from the album on both sites. If you like what you hear, please treat yourself to a CD, which costs 10 including post and packing worldwide. You can also leave comments on the 'guestbook' page of the website.

You can buy the cd on-line using the 'add to basket' link (via Paypal, but you don't have to be a Paypal member to use it). If you prefer to buy off-line, please send us an email via the website and we'll send you details.

We hope you enjoy the music!

Caroline & Nick"

[Note from webmaster: I've heard some of the tracks, and they're absolutely great, really hypnotic. Have a listen - you won't be disappointed!!!

Miscellaneous Dreamers

Although the Imps started off as several friends at Exeter University (c1980), by the time of This House Built On Sand it was a quartet; Nick Waterhouse (gtr, vox)/Caroline Radcliffe (vox, oboe)/Justin Adams (gtr)/Fred Hood (drums). (who was playing bass, then?). Ironically, Justin & Fred were originally in "rival" Exeter band, The Syndromes.

They recorded for major record label RCA, played loads of gigs all over, and were covered by the NME (below is from January 22nd 1983) and other magazines:

The quartet stayed together until the late 1980s. But what are they doing now? Take a look:

The Fantasy album

...but if they made a compilation CD of The Impossible Dreamers work, what would be on it. Here is my list (amended March 2003) - email me yours. I've called this compilation Fantasy, as that is all it is presently...although when you think about it, it's not a bad name for an album by a band called Impossible Dreamers. Maybe one day it'll turn into a reality, but would Reality be a better name?


Running For cover (single)
I Had Love In My Hands (single)
August Avenue (12" single)
Life On Earth (12" single)
This House Built On Sand (single)
Say Goodbye to No One (single)
Spin (12" single)
He's Coming Down (b-side)
Always out for love (b-side)
When You Find Your Lover Gone (b-side)
Seven Hurts (b-side)
Wayfaring Stranger (b-side)
This Land of Woe (b-side)
Rainbow Warrior (b-side)
The Twisted Shapes of all my mistakes (b-side)
Running for cover (12" mix)
Books Books Books (single)

but nothing from the Rhythm Section album. Am I wrong?! OK, I'll give it another listen

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