The 7" singles

The Books EP:

Books Books Books
Not a Love Song
Waiting for the Girl
What can you do when you see someone as beautiful as you
Timing problem

(Merciful Release records, MR1, 1980)
Produced by Justin and Nick

This House Built on Sand 7"

This House Built on Sand
He's Coming Down

Produced by Bernie Clarke,
iD001???, Arcadia Records, 1984

August Avenue
(Nick Waterhouse)
Produced by Johnny Marr.

Seven Hurts
(C Radcliffe/Imps)
Recorded by Step.

Arcadia Records, RCA, PB40349, 1985

Running For Cover
Produced by Mike Howlett,
mixed by Tim Palmer.

Wayfaring Stranger
(Traditional, arranged by The Imps)
Produced by The Imps.

RCA Arcadia CARO 1 1986

I Had Love In My Hands
(M Perry/S.Lee/D Burns)
Produced by Tim Palmer,
mixed by The Imps.

When You Find Your Lover Gone
Produced by The Imps.

RCA Eurodic LOVE 1 1987

Say Goodbye To No One

The Twisted Shapes of all my mistakes

RCA BCA 500 1987

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