Running For Cover

Running For Cover
Produced by Mike Howlett,
mixed by Tim Palmer.

Wayfaring Stranger
(Traditional, arranged by The Imps)
Produced by The Imps.

RCA Arcadia CARO 1 1986

The Imps really hit the big time. This is their finest moment, and one of the singles of the Eighties... so, pity it wasn't a hit. It got a lot of airplay, and was used by radio stations as a background theme (usually from the 12" extended remix - see The 12" singles).

It has a hypnotic riff, and a pounding beat. It took Spin/Life On Earth, added a powerful melody, and gave RCA a chance to hit the charts hard. So what happened?! I see all these 3CD 80s compilations, some with the most obscure tracks which never got near the charts, but never a compilation with Running For Cover on. Why is that?

Get it if you can!

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