Running For Cover 12"

Running For Cover 12"

Running For Cover
(Extended mix)
Produced by Mike Howlett,
mixed by Tim Palmer,
Edited by Murray Harris).

Wayfaring Stranger
(Traditional, arranged by The Imps)
This Land of Woe
Produced by The Imps,
Recorded by Step.

RCA Arcadia CAROT 1 1986

The Imps really hit the big time. This is their finest moment, and one of the singles of the Eighties... so, pity it wasn't a hit. It got a lot of airplay, and was used by radio stations as a background theme (usually from the 12" extended remix). It has a hypnotic riff, and a pounding beat. It took Spin/Life On Earth, added a powerful melody, and gave RCA a chance to hit the charts hard. So what happened?!

The B-sides are a bit broody, but are well executed.

Get it (7" or 12" fact, get both!) if you can! What IS Caroline doing on the cover?!

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